Lanzara Studio: a band of creative professionals dedicated to producing chic advertising and marketing communications for luxury brand entrepreneurs who share our beliefs that mere "great" is just not good enough, and that perfection is an ideal worth pursuing. 

We strategize and implement luxury brands' communications so they better appeal to affluent and sophisticated audiences. In doing so, we seek to inspire, challenge, and uplift through beautiful print and web design, captivating imagery and prose, immersive space decor, and exciting event production.   

From traditional photography and print ad campaigns, to digital video and cutting-edge multimedia, we draw upon a range of expertise to translate your messages into sensory experiences that are equal parts elegant, arresting, and effective. Our methodology spans various disciplines including the arts, history, psychology, technology, and commerce. We call it Imagineering. 

Small retailers on up to multi-billion dollar global companies in a variety of industries have tapped our creative abilities. We're an obvious fit for companies involved in fashion, arts, luxury real estate, wealth management, hospitality, and travel, but we don't care as much about what you do as much as we care about how you do it. Our ideal partners are the relatively few nowadays who provide superlative goods or services, have integrity even under stress, and who are as passionate, obsessive, and emotionally invested in building their empires as we are in creating the sensory experiences that represent them. 

Many design and branding firms would have you push the hard sell or chase this or that trend. We, however, encourage you to stand apart as beacons that create trends rather than assume a place among the mobs who follow them. We aim to illuminate you such that your target audience is naturally attracted to you in the primal way that moths seek light; for when you become the best you can be - a light unto yourself - a captive audience invariably appears.  

If you run the kind of business we speak of - or want to - please introduce yourself and ask about how we might work together to reach your goals.  We will peruse your website, marketing materials, or facilities to give you an honest assessment of whether we can make a markedly positive impact on your brand's image within your budget, whatever its size. We're open to ad hoc projects at one end of the spectrum, or serving as your full service creative marketing task force at the other. Conceptually and aesthetically, we do appear to have a "house style" but we are open to communicating with whatever style and voice we think best suits your particular brand. And yes, we are strongly opinionated and like creative autonomy but at the same time we welcome suggestions and never turn down a good one.  

Though we work predominantly in the New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia metropolitan areas we are not constrained by borders or distances. We have worked remotely from across the US and world, and we may deploy "into the field" at a client's location for extended periods if warranted.

Whether you aspire to reach millions of people around the world or just a few key clients around town, our imaginative approaches typically elicit accolades from even the most discerning audiences. We hope to count you among them.