Luxury Brands Are Becoming Big Players In The E-Commerce Game

By Tom Popomaronis for

Would you hit the “Buy Now” button with a reputable online seller if the price tag for your purchase was worth tens of thousands of dollars?

That’s exactly what watchmaker Vacheron Constatin hopes shoppers will do. As Bloomberg News reports via Internet Retailer, the Geneva-based company announced earlier this month that it’s going to partner with New York-based website Hodinkee to sell its Cornes de Vache 1955 timepieces online only. Each of the 36 limited-edition watches sells for $45,000. The release represents the first time in the brand’s 260-year history that the watchmaker will sell exclusively through the Internet.

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Forbes: Why Do Luxury Brands Need High Profile Creative Directors?

When a 21 year-old Yves St Laurent took the helm at Christian Dior after the couturier’s death in 1957, he gained critical acclaim for his first collection and firmly established a template for luxury goods businesses thereon in. So, the concept of a creative director evolved, with a remit to deliver sustainability and growth, built on the heritage of the brand while moving it forward for new audiences. And today, it is a crucial role in the world of selling luxury goods.  READ ARTICLE HERE

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